Michelle Potter, Lobsters review

A critical review by Jennifer Shennan on behalf of Michelle Potter for the Borderline Arts Ensemble's Lobsters, (concept, choreography, co-direction, and performance by Lucy Marinkovich).



NZ Herald, RUSHES Performer Announcement

New Zealand Herald article by Raewyn White about the creative collaborators of the 2017's Auckland Fringe Festival work RUSHES by Malia Johnston's Movement of the Human Company: "The environment might be that of the visual arts but RUSHES is movement based. Performers include well-known dancers Taiaroa Royal, Kelly Nash and Lucy Marinkovich alongside recent graduates and seconded students, dancer Briar Wilson, now in her 80s, actors Jess Holly-Bates and Katie Burson, and a number of guest performers".


Creative New Zealand Grants Awarded

A newsletter from Creative New Zealand detailing the successful grants awarded, and featuring Lucy Marinkovich and her company Borderline Arts Ensemble.

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DANZ Magazine, The Value of International Choreographic Residencies

“What is the value of participating in an international residency as a choreographer? It lies primarily in the luxury of time set aside in a space that is supportive and conducive to experimentation, working with or without other dancers, exchanging ideas and making fresh discoveries about the choreographic process. In the precarious day-to-day existence of an artist, this type of opportunity is rare indeed. Working with people who have a different cultural perspective to the artist’s own outlook, invariably provides fresh and valuable insights” (Jenny Stevenson, DANZ).

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Book Citation, Global South Ethnographies: Minding the Senses

Lucy Marinkovich is cited in the published book "Global South Ethnographies: Minding the Senses", edited by elke emerald, Robert E. Rinehart, and Antonio Garcia, for her performance in Whenua, a dance work by Dr. Karen Barbour for the 2014 international CEAD (Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines) conference. 


IMDB Listing, What We Do in the Shadows

(Hilariously) some computer programme somewhere created an actress listing for Lucy Marinkovich, for her role as a vampire succubus in Taika Watiti's 2014 What We Do in the Shadows film.


Langkah, My Dance Alliance Article

Article written by Lucy Marinkovich for Langkah, a Malaysian dance journal run by My Dance Alliance, reflecting on her choreographic experiences in South East Asia.



Radio New Zealand, The Bosch Box at Performance Arcade

A radio interview between Lucy Marinkovich and Eva Radich for Radio New Zealand. This interview discusses Lucy's work The Bosch Box for Wellington's 2015 Performance Arcade shipping container arts festival.

Image: Philip Merry

Image: Philip Merry