Book Citation, Global South Ethnographies: Minding the Senses

Lucy Marinkovich is cited in the published book "Global South Ethnographies: Minding the Senses", edited by elke emerald, Robert E. Rinehart, and Antonio Garcia, for her performance in Whenua, a dance work by Dr. Karen Barbour for the 2014 international CEAD (Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines) conference. 


IMDB Listing, What We Do in the Shadows

(Hilariously) some computer programme somewhere created an actress listing for Lucy Marinkovich, for her role as a vampire succubus in Taika Watiti's 2014 What We Do in the Shadows film.


Langkah, My Dance Alliance Article

Article written by Lucy Marinkovich for Langkah, a Malaysian dance journal run by My Dance Alliance, reflecting on her choreographic experiences in South East Asia.



Radio New Zealand, The Bosch Box at Performance Arcade

A radio interview between Lucy Marinkovich and Eva Radich for Radio New Zealand. This interview discusses Lucy's work The Bosch Box for Wellington's 2015 Performance Arcade shipping container arts festival.

Image: Philip Merry

Image: Philip Merry